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REIGN OF TERROR: ISIS Executes Hundreds of Men, Children before Mosul Fight


The Islamic State (ISIS) has engaged in a series of mass executionsin recent days, killing hundreds of men and children in preparation for the siege of Mosul.  ISIS is also pressing tens of thousands of innocents into service as human shields.

The executions have both a tactical and a strategic purpose.  Tactically, ISIS executes those who are likely to be sources of uprisings that could support the offensive led by the Iraqi government, with its Iranian, Kurdish, and American allies.  190 former members of Iraqi security services were put to death in part so that they could not be rescued and turned into fighters.  By a similar token, ISIS has been going through surrounding towns and murdering both former members of the military or police, such as 45 men captured at a military base near Kirkuk, and also probable resistance fighters.  ISIS claims to have discovered at least one actual plot to revolt against them under cover of Baghdad’s offensive thrust, executing 58 men associated with that plot.  In Mosul itself, 22 were electrocuted for alleged collaboration with Peshmerga forces.  These kinds of executions are meant to cut down on the number of additional troubles that could pop up once the main fight for Mosul begins. – READ MORE

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