Reddit CEO Also Edited Post Seven Years Ago


Controversial and potentially dangerous posts get banned on Reddit often, but after Huffman’s edit was discovered last week it was widely believed that this was the first time that an executive had used their power to edit comments. The backlash was staggering, as many redditors posted screeds claiming Huffman destroyed the credibility of Reddit and should therefore resign.

Since then, the anger has only grown, inspiring some users to dig into Huffman’s archives to find proof of other wrongdoing. In doing so, someone uncovered a post from 2009 in which Huffman edited a word because he believed it was hate speech. In the post, now archived, Huffman states that he changed “namefag,” an insulting term used on 4chan to refer to users that post using a username rather than anonymously, to “namefog” after another redditor said the word is offensive. The user who made the original post responded “Uh, spez – you are funny and all, but seriously, don’t fucking edit self post titles because of your own delusions of correctness.” – READ MORE

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