Reddit Censoring Anti-Islamic Speech AGAIN Following Istanbul Bombings


Once again, it seems that Reddit’s primary hub for breaking news is silencing users trying to discuss the latest incident of Islamic terror in Turkey

Following an AMA in /r/The_Donald by Breitbart Tech editor Allum Bokhari, users began messaging Breitbart reporters with evidence of ongoing censorship across Reddit. We’ve previously reported on the suppression of anti Islamic speech on Reddit’s /r/News subreddit following the Orlando massacre, committed by Omar Mateen in the name of the Islamic State. Similarly, multiple comments relating to the Islamic religion were deleted from the /r/News thread relating to the Istanbul bombings.

Luckily Reddit archiving site keeps records of every thread on Reddit andhighlights comments deleted on Reddit’s official site in red. Below are a few examples of comments that have been deleted, many simply questioning why they can no longer see comments they had posted earlier and some comments even predicting censorship by /r/News mods. – READ MORE

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