Red Sox Relief Pitcher Says He Supports Trump, Wants to Visit White House


It is still unclear if this year’s World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox, will visit the White House and meet with President Donald Trump at some point, but one of the team’s players seems excited by the prospect.

While team owner John Henry and manager Alex Cora do not appear to be the biggest fans of the president, relief pitcher Heath Hembree (shown above right) has a different mindset when it comes to a potential visit.

After the Boston Red Sox won the World Series on Sunday night, TMZ found Hembree leaving a Los Angeles nightclub and asked him if he would be interested in visiting the White House.

To this, the athlete sounded excited and responded, “Hell, yeah! I f*** with Trump.”

Hembree was also asked what he liked about Trump. To this he said, “Everything!”READ MORE


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