Red Sox Manager Will Skip White House Visit Over Trump’s Puerto Rico Response


The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to celebrate their World Series victory at the White House on Thursday, but they’ll be without a key member of their winning team.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora has opted to forgo the visit over the Trump administration’s widely criticized response to the devastation from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Cora, who was born on the island and lives there during the offseason, opened up about his decision in a statement given to Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia:

“Puerto Rico is very important to me. During the winter I spent a lot of time back home, visiting my family and friends. Unfortunately, we are still struggling, still fighting. Some people still lack basic necessities, others remain without electricity and many homes and schools are in pretty bad shape almost a year and a half after Hurricane María struck.”

Cora acknowledged the work that had been done by the federal government but underscored the need for further efforts to rebuild the island. – READ MORE

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