RAT SHIP: TOP FBI Brass To Testify Against Fired Chiefs Today; Will Spill the Beans on Comey, McCabe & Bureau Cartel


FBI Counterintelligence chief, Bill Priestap, will sit down for a closed-door session with lawmakers on Tuesday.

FBI Counterintelligence Head Bill Priestap is the biggest fish to talk so far, federal law enforcement sources said. And he is a key player here. His cooperation spells trouble for Andrew McCabe and likely James Comey too.

“Last guy I would have thought would cooperate is cooperating,” one high-ranking Justice official said about Priestap. “He knows about everything the IG is looking at because he was involved in it all.”

Priestap will be answering questions about the Hillary Clinton email case as well as the counterintelligence operation on the Trump campaign – both of which he oversaw. Priestap was the direct supervisor of Peter Strzok – the FBI agent whose anti-Trump / pro-Clinton bias was revealed after 50,000 text messages to his FBI-attorney mistress, Lisa Page, were discovered by the DOJ’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz.

The inner circle of James Comey and Andrew McCabe on the 7th Floor of FBI HQ has flipped, according to high level Justice Department officials.

The once-loyal cabal of FBI brass and leaders who reigned during the FBI tenures of Comey and McCabe have been testifying against their former bosses, DOJ sources confirm.

Up until today that cooperation involves cooperation with the Inspector General. Soon, that would likely extend to grand juries, beyond Congressional testimony, according to sources.

In law enforcement circles, these players are referred to as Rats, cops who implicate other cops to save their jobs and pensions. So who is ratting on Comey and McCabe and cooperating with the proceedings against each?

The Justice official called Priestap’s cooperation “devastating” especially to McCabe. The source would not elaborate.

McCabe realized this when he banked over $500K on a GoFundMe campaign for upcoming legal fees.

Priestap was Peter Strzok’s boss and Priestap answered directly to McCabe.

Strzok is now cooperating with the Inspector General as well as Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer and former right-hand associate of McCabe. She too is talking along with Strzok, sources confirm.

It would appear that the FBI’s house — built by Comey and McCabe — is coming down, one brick at a time. But flipping Priestap takes out a cornerstone, no doubt.

And not soon enough.


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