Rand Paul blasts GOP for excessive coronavirus relief spending: ‘They should apologize now to President Obama’


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) continued to voice his frustration with Republican colleagues who are considering another massive coronavirus relief package with little regard for the budget, Axios reported.

Congress is working toward another economic stimulus and relief package, and while Republicans have resisted some of the Democrats’ most costly proposals, they appear poised to make some concessions that will drive the cost higher than Paul is comfortable with.

“Republicans and Democrats compromise every day of the year to spend money we don’t have,” Paul said, during an interview on Fox News. “We were already running a trillion dollars short just with our normal budgetary expenses for the year. We added $3 trillion, now they’re talking about another $1-$2 trillion. We’re going to borrow another $5 trillion in five months.

“They might lose this election because they are acting like Democrats now. I am very upset with my colleagues,” Paul continued. “They went eight years. They should apologize now to President Obama for complaining he was spending and borrowing too much. He was a piker compared to their borrowing and what they’re doing now.” – READ MORE

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