Rahm Emanuel’s China Ties Are ‘Disqualifying’ for Japan Ambassadorship, Hawley Says


Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) told the Washington Free Beacon Rahm Emanuel’s past dealings with China could compromise his effectiveness as President Joe Biden’s ambassador to Japan.

As ambassador to Japan, Emanuel would need to coordinate with Tokyo to counter China’s regional power, as Japan is widely considered one of America’s most important allies in standing up to China. Republicans said Emanuel’s close relationship with Chinese elites warrants serious investigation and could stand in the way of his Senate confirmation. Hawley said Emanuel’s “reckless” record in office demonstrates he does not understand the China threat.

“Rahm Emanuel clearly does not understand the China threat and can’t be trusted to serve as ambassador to Japan,” Hawley said. “That Joe Biden would attempt to put someone so reckless in charge of relations with one of our most important allies is very concerning.”

Emanuel did not respond to a request for comment.

Emanuel made overtures to Chinese business throughout his tenure as mayor of Chicago in the hopes of making the city the “location of choice” in North America for the Communist regime’s investors. In one case, the former Obama administration chief of staff secured a contract for the city with a company known for its cooperation with the Chinese military and Huawei. A 2016 contract brokered by Emanuel put the state-owned Chinese transportation giant CRRC to work in upgrading the Chicago transit authority’s railway cars, even though the proposal scored 5 points lower in evaluations compared to competing bids. The transportation company has collaborated with Huawei, an innovator in Chinese spyware, and its data collection capabilities have been shared with the Chinese military, according to a 2019 report.- READ MORE

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