Rahm Emanuel says Democrats’ hard left turn could re-elect Trump


Rahm is right.

The Democrats are in a leftward lurch that could ruin their chances of retaking the White House.

Rahm Emanuel, now stepping down after two terms as mayor of Chicago, knows something about winning elections. He was a key White House operative for Bill Clinton and chief of staff for Barack Obama.

It was Rahm, as chairman of the Democratic campaign committee, who engineered the party’s takeover of the House in 2006 — and is known for his hardball brand of politics, with all the subtlety of his frequent F-bombs.

If Mayor Emanuel believes the Democrats are in danger of self-destructing, as he argues in a piece for the Atlantic, his party might want to pay attention.

I’ve been arguing that the Democrats, who regained control of the House in November mainly on the strength of more moderate candidates, are increasingly being defined by their most extreme members.

Just look at the last few weeks, and the stances embraced by some of its presidential contenders and younger members: Slavery reparations. Green New Deal. Medicare for All. Free college tuition. A 70 percent tax rate on income over $10 million. Break up Amazon, Facebook and Google. – MORE

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