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Racket: SPLC Paid $1.8 Million to Fundraising Outfit That Gives Charities Zero Percent After Expenses


In 2015, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-Left defamation racket connected to at least one terror attack, paid $1.8 million to a liberal fundraising outfit that admitted it tells prospective donors it sends 100 percent of donations to charities it fundraises for, while it really yields a zero percent return for those charities.

The SPLC’s Form 990 from 2015 listed “Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.” (GCI) in Boston, Mass. as its top independent contractor. The nonprofit paid GCI $1,803,961 in 2015 for “canvasser” services. Later on in the form, the SPLC listed GCI on its “fundraising activities” section. The nonprofit reported paying $1,811,174 for “canvassing” services, and only receiving $623,596 in return — a net loss of $1,187,578.

Such losses are not uncommon, according to a 2011 exposé on GCI published by SF Weekly. The paper’s Taylor Friedman reported that canvassers for GCI pound the pavement in t-shirts advertising Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. They try to convince people on the street to contribute to these organizations, and if a prospective donor asks how much of his or her donation goes to Planned Parenthood, the canvasser says, “100 percent.” READ MORE

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