‘Racist Debra Messing’ Trends on Twitter Following Tweet About ‘Mentally Ill’ Black Trump Voters


Left-wing actress Debra Messing is now being taunted as a bigot, as the hashtag “Racist Debra Messing” trends on Twitter, after she called black supporters of President Donald Trump “mentally ill.”

Last weekend, the Will and Grace star wrote “THANK YOU” in a re-tweet of a church sign in Alabama that read, “A black vote or Trump is mental illness.” The other side of the sign read, “A white vote for Trump is pure racism.”

After calling blacks who vote for Trump both mentally ill with her “THANK YOU” and her re-tweet endorsement of the sign, Debra Messing began to get some push back on her exhibition of racism. She later deleted her original tweet.

Now Debra Messing is suffering with the Twitter hashtag “#racistdebramessing,” a meme that began trending on Twitter on Wednesday evening. – READ MORE

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