Proud Boy Members Face Up To 15 Years Behind Bars After Manhattan Brawl With Antifa


On Monday, two members of the right-wing group dubbed the “Proud Boys” were found guilty of multiple attempted assault charges for their role in a brawl with left-wing Antifa members outside the New York City Republican club. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes had been giving a speech there in October, during the brawl.

John Kinsman, 39, and Maxwell Hare, 27, both face up to 15 years behind bars and are expected to face sentencing on October 11, according to The Wall Street Journal.

McInnes, who has since publicly disassociated himself from the group, said Monday that he was “stunned” by the verdict, calling it “a travesty of justice.”

As noted by The New York Times, on the night of the brawl, McInnes gave a speech at the Republican club in a “tense” atmosphere. “Outside, people had gathered chanting ‘No Nazis, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A.’ The night before, hooded figures had broken windows at the club, sprayed anarchist symbols on its doors and promised future attacks in leaflets that also denounced Mr. McInnes as a ‘hipster-fascist clown,'” the report said, noting that “McInnes departed the club brandishing his plastic sword.” – READ MORE

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