Protesters Say That Starbucks’ Day-Long ‘Anti-Bias Training’ Just Isn’t Enough To Solve Chain’s ‘Racism’


Starbucks took swift action, addressing an apparent racially-tinged incident that occurred in one of its coffee shops last week, declaring that the company would shut every one of its stores on May 29 for a system-wide “unconscious bias training” day.

But social justice warriors protesting the coffee chains say a simple “day of atonement” isn’t enough: they want proof the company is committed to a total corporate cultural change, according to Yahoo News.

A group of protesters descended this weekend on the Philadelphia Starbucks where two black men were arrested after the store’s manager accused them of loitering. The pair of men — both local businessmen, and not vagrants — were waiting for a third person to join them for a meeting before ordering, they say, when the staff became suspicious and called out law enforcement to have them removed.

A woman working at a nearby table caught the incident on tape.

Starbucks — not exactly a conservative organization — initially said they were investigating the incident, but quickly pivoted to issuing a full mea culpa and promising major changes, including the day-long company-wide bias training program.

But Starbucks’ racism is endemic, the protesters say, and they’re not going to be allowed off the hook simply because they issue a few handouts to their staff — also, largely, leftists — instructing them on the finer points of institutionalized racism and how to recognize their own implicit bias and white privilege.- READ MORE

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