Prosecutor In Foxx’s Office Slams Her Handling of Smollett Case: ‘An International Laughingstock’


An anonymous attorney in the Cook County prosecutor’s office lambasted state attorney Kim Foxx over her handling of the high profile Jussie Smollett case, and the tendency of her and her allies to resort to accusations of racism when criticized, in an a letter provided to CWB Chicago on Monday.

Foxx’s office dropped all charges against Smollett last month after he was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly staging a bigoted and politically-motivated hate crime against himself with the help of two friends who were paid for their services. Citing his record of community service and the technically victimless nature of his alleged crime, Foxx’s office dropped all charges without requiring that Smollett admit guilt.

After briefly reviewing the history of racial discrimination in Chicago, the unnamed assistant state’s attorney attacked Foxx and her allies for casting criticism of the decision as racist.


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