Proof of Bias? Poll Finds 99% of CNN Viewers Think Trump Lied About Russia


On Sunday’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd highlighted a stunning finding from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that 99 percent of CNN viewers believe President Trump has been lying about the Russia investigation. In other words, the cable channel’s biased coverage has been so complete that nearly all of its audience has decided that Trump has lied when denying Russian collusion.

“‘Has the President been truthful or honest on Russia?’ Among Fox viewers, 84 percent of Fox viewers believe the president has been truthful. Among MSNBC viewers, that’s 21 percent. Among CNN viewers, that’s one percent,” Todd explained. Conversely, 12 percent of Fox viewers, 76 percent of MSNBC viewers, and again, 99 percent of CNN viewers thought the President had lied.

Even left-wing MSNBC viewers were more divided on the subject than CNN watchers.

Talking to the political strategists who conducted the NBC/WSJ poll, Todd asked: “But that does tell you something major. What does it say to you?” Democratic pollster Fred Yang replied: “It tells us that you get your reality from what channel you watch.”

That’s certainly the case, and anyone who has been watching CNN for the past two years since Trump took office has repeatedly watched anchors and pundits smear the President as a liar, particularly when it comes to the Russia investigation- READ MORE

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