Project Veritas: CNN Staff Demoralized by Conflict-Driven Ratings Bait, ‘We’re Totally Left-Leaning’ (VIDEO)


Project Veritas released undercover video Thursday that shows CNN staffers demoralized by the network’s focus on conflict and acknowledging it has a political bias in the Trump era.

“CNN says they want to portray the contrast, but really, it’s partly because you want conflict, nobody wants to hear one-minute canned statements,” CNN media coordinator Christian Sierra is heard saying, before adding, “create clinks, get more money.”

In the following scene, CNN field operations manager Patrick Davis laments about the network’s approach to coverage and concedes it has a left-wing bias.

“All they gotta do is take an anchor, and put him at the desk, and tell the news,” says Davis. We’re so busy trying to get appointment viewership.”

“We don’t, even though we’re totally left-leaning, we don’t want to admit it,” he continues. – READ MORE

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