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I was at O’Hare Airport a few nights ago, waiting to pick up family members returning from out of town. As the cellphone lot at O’Hare is literally right next to one of the runways, I sat there watching one magnificent flying machine after another stream in across the night sky, and then fly directly over my head as they landed.


I then paid attention to hundreds of taxi, limos and shuttles, from God-knows-how-many companies, lined up to whisk people on their way, wherever they were going. As I drove home that night, I marveled at the network of highways and surface roads upon which trucks and other transport carried consumer goods hither and yon. Everywhere I looked, I could see restaurants, coffee shops, schools, offices, gas stations, mechanics, malls and stores, churches and hospitals – all while I listened to satellite radio, my children watched a DVD, and my husband downloaded information wirelessly onto his smartphone.

We are living in the most amazing civilization in the history of humanity. And we do not appreciate it. We should be the happiest people in the world. But we are not. We have become embittered and perennially angry.

A couple of years ago, comedian Louis CK was on the Conan O’Brien show and said, “Everything is amazing, and is nobody is happy.” Just this week I read an article in Hollywood Reporter about multimillion dollar underground bunkers for the über-rich. The owner of Ultimate Bunker was quoted as saying, “Everyone I talk to thinks we are doomed, no matter who is elected.” – READ MORE

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