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Progressives are planning their own Tea Party led by Bernie Sanders


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While the bulk of progressive America is still flailing about in disbelief over the election of Donald Trump, a group of progressives is aggressively cobbling together a plan to obstruct the president-elect’s policy goals using the 2009 Tea Party uprising against President Barack Obama as a blueprint. However, there is one principal difference: Unlike the anti-Obama Tea Party, which did not have an identifiable single leader, the progressive movement plans to rally around an open socialist: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I).

Of course, progressives have attempted to replicate the political success of the Tea Party before. The abortive and largely ineffectual Occupy Wall Street movement was intended to be a progressive response to the Tea Party effort, but even after being lavished with generous media coverage, Occupy Wall Street petered out without any lasting political impact. – READ MORE

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