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Progressives And Establishment Dems At Odds Over The Future Of Liberalism


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Since Trump took office, we’ve heard reports of infighting between numerous White House factions, which reads like something from Game of Thrones. Currently, the trending topic is escalating tension between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. The players embody a set of ideals clashing at the epicenter of Western power: a media mogul who consolidated Trump’s populism through Breitbart while mainstreaming fringe elements of the alt-right vs. a 36 year-old Upper West Side liberal representing nepotism. The media sensationalizes White House office politics like sports coverage; however, little is said about the left’s plans to take back any of the three branches of government they lost this past election cycle.

Democrats’ efforts to block Supreme Court nominee, now justice, Neil Gorsuch began with hullabaloos from the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders but ended in a whimper. Media outlets like Slate and The New York Times pushed a hostile agenda towards all of Trump’s nominees, with particular emphasis on Betsy DeVos in what could be surmised as a total double standard when it comes to women in the Republican Party, but did little to deter Trump from bulldozing the opposition and establishing his administration. Meanwhile, media fervor surrounding Jon Ossoff’s upstart candidacy to take Georgia’s sixth congressional district is fizzling. Despite an eight-million-dollar DNC war-chest and a front-page New York magazine feature written by Olivia Nuzzi, Ossoff failed to avoid a runoff and will now face Karen Handel with consolidated Republican support behind her.

Most of Trump’s resistance comes from grassroots movements, but these have yet to translate into a singular political movement or coherent policy. Although the number of anti-Trump protestors is staggering, the #resistance faces considerable obstacles in aligning their values with a political party that sold them out to Clinton. Whereas the Koch Brothers and a handful of Big Tobacco/Big Oil firms financed the Tea Party, which successfully staked out Congressional representation through the Tea Party Caucus and the Freedom Party, there’s little to suggest the anti-Trump movement won’t dissolve like its Occupy predecessor, turning instead to slacktivism and lethargy. There’s a fundamental disconnect between the Liberal political elite, so consumed by the world of D.C. politics, and the masses marching on Capitol Hill they’re making decisions for, tension exacerbated by progressive rhetoric against Washington still reverberating from Bernie Sanders’ camp. Although progressives and establishment Democrats are united in their hatred for Trump, a clear strategy has yet to emerge for how they can reconcile their political differences into a collected agency.


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