Progressive magazine editor encourages people to have sex with HIV-positive partners


The editor of Queerty, a progressive online magazine and newspaper, encouraged readers to put aside their fears of catching HIV and strongly consider dating and even having sex with people who are infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

In “What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV,” David Hudson argues that gay men should consider “the potential consequences of [their] particular decisions” not to have sex with individuals who have HIV. “Refusing to entertain the idea of dating an HIV-positive person might just mean you miss out on the love of your life,” he said.

“If you find yourself single and contemplating why, bear in mind it might be because you blocked ‘Mr Right’ when you read he was HIV positive on Grindr,” the editor said.

Hudson concludes, “Of course, some will say, ‘My perfect man doesn’t HIV!’ Well, I hope you’re not too old before you realize: Nobody’s perfect.” – READ MORE

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