Private Jet Sales Soar as Elites Urge Holidaymakers to Stop Flying


The United Nations has confirmed around 25,000 people will fly to Madrid, Spain, next month for 11 days to attend the world’s annual climate conference, called COP25.

The conference’s move from its original Santiago, Chile, home to Europe mirrors a global spike in private jet sales and calls by the globalist elites grow for commercial air passengers to stem their thirst for travel and stay at home, as will be discussed at Cop25.

Just look at the numbers.

Private jet lovers will fork out a combined $248 billion over the next ten years, buying 7,600 private planes according to a report quoted in the Guardian. The users span private, corporate, and government clients including the United Nations.

Gaetan Handfield, senior manager of marketing analysis at Honeywell Aerospace and author of the report, confirmed the rise. He said: “It is the introduction of many new aircraft models at the same time, with new clean streamline designs, that is driving demand for new private jets.

“People like to have the newest and best jets.”

Handfield said new jets by Bombardier, Gulfstream and Cessna are proving especially popular because of their longer range. – READ MORE

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