PRIORITIES: Germany Approves Third Gender, ‘Diverse’, for Official Documents


Germany’s Parliament Has Voted To Recognise A Third Gender For Government Documents, Meaning That Citizens Can Now Be Recognised In The European Country As Male, Female, Or Diverse.

The change in law came late Thursday night and follows a 2017 court ruling which required the German government to either allow a third gender or to scrap gender classification altogether.

Germany is the first country in Europe, therefore, to allow parents to declare their children as ‘divers’ (diverse) from birth. The 2017 court case which brought the change was heard at the Karlsruhe constitutional court and concerned a complainant who had been proven to have no chromosomal sex from birth but was nevertheless registered female.

The court ruled a refusal to allow the individual to have their gender changed to a third gender was discriminatory and unconstitutional. – READ MORE



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