Prior to Election, FBI’s Comey and McCabe Tried to Pinpoint True Pundit’s “Heavyweight” FBI Mole


Prior to the 2016 presidential election, then-FBI Director James Comey and his deputy Andrew McCabe spent a portion of their time trying to uncover FBI sources used for True Pundit stories, according to emails released from Comey’s FBI email account.

According to emails exchanged between Comey and McCabe — as well as McCabe’s wife who is not employed by the FBI — the trio were especially concerned by one story from True Pundit and its FBI genesis.

McCabe described True Pundit’s FBI mole as a “Heavyweight source.”

Then Comey deducted who it could be, who it couldn’t be, and who it likely was — although a portion of Comey’s remarks were redacted.

What is rather telling, however, is that neither Comey nor McCabe disputed the basis of the article which detailed how McCabe corrupted the FBI’s email investigation of Hillary Clinton.The True Pundit piece, in part, read:

Democratic factions controlled by a Hillary Clinton insider paid the Deputy Director of the FBI’s wife almost $700,000 in campaign funds before the senior FBI official, who was supervising Clinton’s investigation, lobbied against charging her criminally, according to records and interviews obtained by True Pundit.

Dr. Jill McCabe was a Virginia state senate candidate in 2015. Longtime Clinton family consigliere and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, sent her approximately $675,000 to fund the Democrat hopeful’s campaign coffers. Dr. McCabe, a physician, is married to Andrew McCabe, the second in charge of the FBI. Only FBI Director James Comey outranks McCabe.

According to one FBI insider, the McAuliffe-generated campaign funds may have ultimately bought Clinton some strategic breathing room.

McCabe and Comey were apparently not concerned that the story alleged McCabe had tainted the Hillary Clinton investigation as well as soiled the reputation of the FBI.

Instead the FBI brass only wanted to find the “Heavyweight” leak. And it all seemed to begin when McCabe’s wife, Jill, emailed her husband at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. Since the election it has become public that McCabe’s wife was involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Haunting to think the heads of the FBI were trying to run down another FBI chief to plug a leak that was harming Hillary’s chances for the White House.

And these are only the True Pundit FBI emails that we know about. There likely are many more.

Here is the trio’s email chain:




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