Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Blames Canada’s Illegal Immigration Woes On The United States


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is blaming President Donald Trump and the United States’ stricter policies on immigration for Canada’s burgeoning “immigration crisis,” even though Trudeau himself told migrants he’d welcome them with “open arms.”

In an interview with, Trudeau absolved himself of all responsibility over the influx of illegal immigrants who’ve made their way into Canada through the United States, claiming instead that the United States has failed to welcome migrants with open arms, thus sending them packing for Canada.

Back in 2017, Trudeau famously tweeted, in response to President Trump’s call to heavily restrict immigration to the United States, that Canada would continue to be a destination for the world’s downtrodden, even if the U.S. wasn’t interested.

“Your tweet saying ‘welcome to Canada’ is often cited as the reason why these people are pouring across the border. Do you ever regret that tweet?” the interviewer asked Trudeau.

“No,” Trudeau answered, adding, “If people are in the midst of migration around the world right now, it’s not because of a tweet restating — almost word for word — Canadian policy on refugees, because that’s exactly what it was.”

“And certainly, if people are fleeing the United States right now and are choosing to leave the United States right now, it’s not something I said,” Trudeau continued. “It is perhaps domestic realities within the political context in the United States that is driving people to move or to make those certain decisions.” – READ MORE

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