Prevention Expert: Data Shows Our Fight Against Coronavirus May Be Worse Than The Disease


the founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, suggests that “our fight against coronavirus” may end up being “worse than the disease.” By taking an “at war” approach to fighting COVID-19  widespread shutdowns and isolation of the entire population  rather than a “surgical strike” approach focusing on the truly vulnerable, Katz argues, we have set ourselves on the path to “uncontained viral contagion and monumental collateral damage to our society and economy.” 

“We routinely differentiate between two kinds of military action: the inevitable carnage and collateral damage of diffuse hostilities, and the precision of a ‘surgical strike,’ methodically targeted to the sources of our particular peril. The latter, when executed well, minimizes resources and unintended consequences alike,” Katz begins.

The same dichotomy applies here, Katz argues. “This can be open war, with all the fallout that portends, or it could be something more surgical. The United States and much of the world so far have gone in for the former,” he states.

“I write now with a sense of urgency to make sure we consider the surgical approach, while there is still time,” he warns.

The “unique” nature of COVID-19  that it results in only “mild” symptoms in 99% of cases and that it appears to only pose a high risk to the elderly  Katz contends, makes it particularly suited for a more strategic containment effort, rather than our current unsustainable, society-wide approach that threatens to upend the economy. “What we know so far about the coronavirus makes it a unique case for the potential application of a ‘herd immunity’ approach, a strategy viewed as a desirable side effect in the Netherlands, and briefly considered in the United Kingdom,” Katz explains. – READ MORE

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