President Trump Taunts Jerry Brown in Michigan Speech: ‘Moonbeam!’


President Donald Trump attacked California Governor Jerry Brown in a speech Saturday in Macob County, Michigan, mocking him with the nickname “Moonbeam” and criticizing his state’s “sanctuary” policies.

Are you watching that mess that’s going on right now with the caravan coming up? Are you watching this? And our laws are so weak, they’re so pathetic — given to us by Democrats — they’re so pathetic, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer —

And let me tell you, we’ve gotten Mexico to work with us on stopping a lot of what’s pouring in, but we have the worst laws anywhere in the world. We don’t have borders. We’re gonna build the wall, we’re getting it — we’ve already started, I don’t know if you’ve seen —

You know, its’s funny, — so, San Diego, they’re being just overrun — great place, but they’re being overrun by people pouring [in]. So they’re begging us for a wall. So we have the money, it’s all funded in San Diego. And those people really want it. And I said, “Let’s not do it there. Let’s let them put pressure on Governor Jerry Brown.” Moonbeam! Moonbeam!READ MORE

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