President of Threatened Synagogue on Armed Worshippers: ‘We Refuse to Be a Soft Target’ (VIDEO)


The president of a Colorado synagogue targeted in a foiled bomb plot said his congregation allows armed worshippers because they don’t want to be defenseless in the case of an attack.

Michael Atlas-Acuna, president of the Temple Emanuel Synagogue of Pueblo, Colo., was asked about the temple’s “This Is Not A Gun Free Zone” sign during an interview on CNN. Host Brooke Baldwin asked Atlas-Acuna why he felt the sign was necessary even before the plot to blow up the synagogue was uncovered.

“I think it’s necessary because of the very obvious: Churches and synagogues have been shot up,” he said. “And I think for somebody to put a sign that said ‘this is a gun-free zone’ is asinine. You’re only asking for trouble.”

“We refuse to be a soft target. So we’re gonna defend ourselves and we’re gonna have the security that we need,” he added. – READ MORE

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