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Preparing for Battle: In Mosul, ISIS Builds Walls, Tunnels, Trenches


In Mosul, members of the Islamic State extremist group that control the city know full well that they can expect it to be attacked soon by those who oppose them. Rumor has it the fight for Mosul, ISIS’s last large stronghold in Iraq, could begin as soon as October.

As a result, they are preparing night and day to try to defend the city they have controlled for more than two years now. Residents say that for the past two weeks, the noise from large vehicles and construction equipment hasn’t stopped.

“Trucks owned by the Mosul city council have been moving large concrete barriers to the outskirts of the city,” one local, who could not be named for security reasons, told Niqash. “Large cranes are unloading these and they are being arranged in a similar way to how the Iraqi military used to arrange them when they controlled Mosul.” – READ MORE

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