Portland Police Clear Streets After Fire; Protester: I Hope ‘Someone Kills’ Your Family, Burns Precinct With ‘Y’all Inside’


After issuing multiple warnings to residents in the area, the Portland Police Department worked to clear out a section of the city Sunday in response to a fire being set, smoke from which was “entering the Justice Center creating a hazard for all persons inside.”

While law enforcement officials moved people out of the area, an anti-police protester screamed obscenities at officers, at one point telling one of the officers that she hoped that someone would kill him and his family.

“F*** off you, b***h,” the demonstrator yelled at police as they cleared people out of the area.

As the police in riot gear continued to push the demonstrators forward, the woman screamed while walking, “Hey, godd*mnit, I’m disabled, I’m disabled I can’t walk!” – READ MORE

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