Poll: Only One in Five Americans Believe Biden Can Unify the Country


President Joe Biden’s administration might be less than a week old, but voters are already expressing skepticism about his promise to bridge the nation’s divides.

A poll released by ABC News and Ipsos on Sunday found that only 22 percent of Americans “have a great deal of confidence” in the president’s ability to make progress on unifying the country over his term in office. The poll, which was conducted between January 22 and January 23, also found that 24 percent of Americans have no confidence whatsoever in Biden’s prospects for unity.

A majority of those surveyed, however, refused to give a definitive answer on the topic, with 35 percent of recipients stating they “had a good amount” of confidence in Biden, while a further 19 percent said “not so much.”

The poll is one of the first to be conducted since the new administration took office. Biden, who campaigned for the White House on a pledge to rebuild bipartisanship in Washington, DC, stuck to the theme during his inaugural address last week. – READ MORE

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