Poll: Nearly One-Third of Americans Do Not Believe Coronavirus Death Toll Is as High as Reported


Nearly one-third of Americans do not believe the coronavirus death toll is as high as reported, an Axios/Ipsos poll released Tuesday revealed.

The survey, conducted July 17-20, 2020, among 1,037 U.S. adults, found that Americans are growing skeptical over the number of reported coronavirus-related deaths.

“Do you believe the actual number of Americans dying from the coronavirus is more, less, or about the same as the number of deaths that have been reported?” the survey asked.

Nearly one-third, or 31 percent, said the death toll is “less,” another 31 percent said “about the same,” and 37 percent said “more.” However, the number of those who believe it is less has increased by eight percent since May.

Republicans remain far more skeptical of the coronavirus death toll, with 58 percent saying it is “less,” 25 percent saying it is “about the same,” and 16 percent saying it is “more.” A majority of Democrats, 61 percent, believe the death toll is higher, 30 percent say it is “about the same,” and nine percent believe it is “less.” – READ MORE

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