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poll: Most voters believe media biased against Trump


SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) — Donald Trump repeatedly rages that the media is biased against him, putting claims of press prejudice at the center of his campaign for president. Most voters — and not just those who are backing the Republican nominee — agree with him, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

Overall, 56 percent of likely voters say the media is biased against Trump, just 5 percent say it’s biased in his favor and 37 percent say coverage is mostly balanced.

Eighty-seven percent of Trump’s supporters see the media as biased against him, and even Hillary Clinton’s supporters are more likely to see bias against Trump than bias in his favor, 30 percent to 8 percent. Sixty percent of Clinton’s supporters see no bias in either direction.

“The majority of the coverage is very biased — some of the stuff Clinton has done doesn’t even get reported on,” said Julius Villarreal, a 32-year-old Trump supporter from Houston. “Where is Benghazi? She thinks she’s above the law, and the media is definitely complicit in helping her get away with it.” – READ MORE

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