Poll: 85% Of Americans Underestimate The Number Of Illegal Border Crossings Under Biden


Thanks in large part to the media’s decision to ignore the crisis at the U.S. border, 85% of Americans think the number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border is lower — often far lower — than it is. One in every five Americans underestimates the number of illegal aliens pouring across the southern border by more than 90%.

In reality, nearly a million illegal immigrants crossed the U.S. border with Mexico in the first half of this year — a 20-year high of 180,034 in May alone, according to statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protections. In all, a total of 929,868 illegal immigrants have entered the country year-to-date in 2021 — almost as many as the 977,509 illegals who entered during the entire year of 2019.

But the average American’s understanding of the problem isn’t even in the right ballpark. A recent Harvard/Harris poll found that 21% of Americans believe that “less than 10,000” illegal immigrants cross the United States a month. More than half of all Americans erroneously think the number is lower than 50,000 illegals a month, less than one-third of the real number.

In all, more than four in five Americans undercount the sheer size and proportion of the illegal immigrant population crossing the border every single month since Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll. Only 7% accurately report the average number of illegal border crossings is between 150,000 and 200,000 a month — perhaps because even seasoned border officials cannot believe it.

Border Agent John Anfinsen told the CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth that he sees more than three times as many illegal crossings in the Del Rio area than in any normal year. “On a weekly basis we are somewhere between 6,000 to 7,000 in a week, where in years past, 2,000 would be a lot,” he said. – READ MORE

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