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Poll: 74% Voters Reject Obama’s Middle East Refugee Plan


Rasmussen Reports released a poll on Tuesday that shows “voters reject Obama’s new Middle East refugee plan.”

News of widespread public opposition to more refugees comes three days after Saturday’s stabbing of ten Americans in a St. Cloud, Minnesota mall by Somali refugee Dahir Adan, and the bombings in New York and New Jersey, allegedly perpetrated by Afghan immigrant and likely refugee Ahmad Khan Rahami.

It also comes on the same day the Obama administration snubbed Congress by refusing to appear at statutorily required Senate hearings to testify about the proposed increase in refugees and as President Obama is in New York City, speaking to the United Nations about globalism. On Monday, the United Nations General Assembly held a Summit for Refugees and Migrants along with representatives of the politically powerful, federally funded, resettlement industry. – READ MORE

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