Poll: 69% of College Students Support Abolishing Columbus Day


A recent poll shows that 69 percent of college students are in favor of abolishing Columbus Day and replacing it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” According to supporters of the change, “the tradition of celebrating Christopher Columbus comes with an inherent celebration of genocide, violence, and colonization.”

A recent survey of 1,501 students by College Pulse reveals that about seven out of ten college students support scrapping Columbus Day for “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” with students from Ivy League schools being in favor of the idea at an even higher rate — 80 percent — according to a report by Campus Reform.

The movement to ban — or replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day — has been growing on U.S. college campuses in recent decades, as College Pulse revealed that a staggering 69 percent of university students support doing away with the annual federal holiday observed especially by Italian-American communities across the country.

The report added that over half of the students who answered that they are in favor of abolishing Columbus Day specified that they “strongly support” the initiative. Only 21 percent of students said that they “oppose” the idea, while just nine percent answered that they “strong oppose” making the change. – READ MORE

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