PolitiFact ‘Fact Checks’ Hillary’s Book, Fails to Find a False Thing In It


PolitiFact advertised on its home page an article on “Fact checking” Hillary’s campaign book What Happened. Don’t be shocked: PolitiFact didn’t find anything that they would call “False,” let alone “Pants on Fire.” This isn’t that surprising, since the website has only evaluated Hillary once since last November — a “Mostly False” in a complaint about voter suppression in Wisconsin in June.

Her overall count of “Pants on Fire” rulings is only 7…compared to 69 for Donald Trump.  PolitiFact started by noting that Hillary cites them in the book to defend her own honesty

As usual, PolitiFact was very selective and helpful in picking out claims from the book…they skipped over Hillary suggesting the media favored Trump, for example. Here’s the list of what they evaluated, from serious to silly – READ MORE

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