Police Tell Business Owners in Seattle ‘You’re On Your Own’


Police in Seattle declared a riot in that city after peaceful protesters on Saturday were “provoked” by cops into setting fires and throwing explosives, rocks, and bottles that injured 21 officers and sent one policeman to the hospital who was hit in the knee by an explosive device.

A construction site on Capitol Hill was torched and another police precinct was broken into with “explosive damage” done to the walls. Another Starbucks was lit up, and numerous storefronts were vandalized. At least 45 people were arrested. In other words, just another typical, peaceful, tranquil day for the residents of Seattle.

Are there any businesses left in downtown Seattle? If there are, they may want to head for the hills.

The letter is a wonder to behold — a first for civil society in a modern industrialized country. Law enforcement telling the people they are sworn to protect that government won’t let them do their jobs and that any damage done to the business owner’s property isn’t the fault of the police. – READ MORE

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