Police Reforms So Important, Democrats Prepared To Wait Until Next Year To Enact Them


Democrats and progressive activists have been demanding reforms to America’s police departments, with thousands taking to the streets across the country to protest and riot.

Yet Democrats in congress seem to think these necessary reforms aren’t so urgent they can’t wait until next year, when the party hopes they will have control of the Senate and White House, The Hill reported.

House Democrats have proposed sweeping reforms that outright ban police chokeholds, create a national registry of alleged police misconduct (which could open the door for police getting wrongly punished for exaggerated or made up citizen complaints), among other reforms. Republicans in the Senate, by contrast, reject the draconian measures supported by Democrats while still wanting reforms, including federal incentives for reforms.

Instead of accepting Republican reforms that Democrats also want but they say don’t go far enough, the Left would rather wait until they may get everything they want, assuming that not only does former Vice President Joe Biden win the election, but Democrats regain control of the Senate by enough of a majority that they can push through whatever bills they want, as they could during the first two years of the Obama administration. – READ MORE

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