Police in Baltimore, NYC making fewer arrests due to reforms following high-profile deaths


Police in Baltimore and New York City are making fewer arrests, and officers are complaining that it’s because overbearing reforms make it too risky to engage with suspects, according to Hot Air.

The high-profile deaths of black suspects in police custody in Baltimore (2015) and New York City (2014) have resulted in more oversight and accountability for officers when they use force to apprehend a suspect. For some officers, the scrutiny causes them to think twice before getting involved.

“I don’t feel pride for having 20 uses of force,” one Baltimore officer told The Washington Post. “Now I am afraid to arrest anyone because I don’t want to have so many uses of force against me.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told the Post that some officers are “reluctant for fear of getting hurt or getting in trouble for making mistakes.”

Baltimore has implemented a consent decree that seeks to have the department operate with more transparency through internal reporting and more public interaction. Violent crime has been on the rise in Baltimore in recent years, with some critics attributing it to reforms causing police to be less aggressive against crime. – READ MORE

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