Podesta: Hillary Would Have Opened An Investigation Into Aliens


Recently in these pages I suggested that the mainstream media’s coverage of the Russia investigation has come to resemble the History channel program “Ancient Aliens.” I could have not have known then that John Podesta, former deputy White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton campaign chair, would appear on “Ancient Aliens” in an episode that suggests Clinton was prepared to release secret documents about aliens that Donald Trump was not.

In the cold opening of the episode, Podesta is shown saying, “The government seems to be completely unaccountable to the public. They rarely release anything they know, or the findings.” He goes on to say, “people want to know what the government knows, and they ought to know what the government knows.” Podesta seems convinced  the government is hiding evidence of aliens, just as so many on the Left think it is hiding evidence of Russia stealing the 2016 election.

Throughout the episode, Podesta suggests that U.S. government investigations into aliens were faulty, and failed in their scope or rigor. He believes important information is being kept from the American people. It’s not clear what he thinks that information is, but he did make clear who he thought would have given us those answers.

He says, “Clinton was interested in the topic and if elected would have opened an investigation into declassification.” He goes on to describe that presidents decide if they want more or less secrecy. The clear implication is that Trump wanted more secrecy, Clinton wanted less. – READ MORE

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