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Podesta emails reveal extent of Bill Clinton’s ‘for profit’ activities


Band attaches a 12 page document detailing the many ways Bill Clinton had conflicts of interest with the Foundation and his“for profit” activities.

Band is co-founder of global PR consulting firm Teneo and worked as Bill Clinton’s personal assistant during his presidency. Teneo had raised millions for the Foundation while also working for Bill Clinton’s personal interests when he was a paid adviser to the company. In 2012, Clinton’s position changed to “friend and unpaid adviser” to Teneo as well as being a client of the company.

Previous Podesta emails have shown that at the time of the memo, Chelsea Clinton was concerned about Band’s conflicts of interests between his work at the Foundation and Teneo. She accused Brand and Teneo co-founder Declan Kelly of profiting off her father and the foundation. – READ MORE

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