Planned Parenthood, which says it needs taxpayer money for ‘health care,’ just announced that its political arm will spend $45M on the 2020 elections


Abortion provider (and corporate welfare recipient) Planned Parenthood is committing $45 million to helping Democrats get elected in 2020, the group announced Friday, and launching a massive new effort called “We Decide 2020” to help fans of “reproductive choice” win or keep elected office.

The “stakes have never been higher,” Planned Parenthood’s website whines. “More than three-fourths of voters say abortion should remain safe and legal. There is no state in which banning abortion is popular. But anti-abortion politicians continue to try to undermine our rights and our access to reproductive health care, putting the ability of many people to obtain birth control, safe and legal abortion, and accurate sexual education in question — yet again.”

“We decide who our leaders are. We decide our future,” the website for “We Decide 2020” says. “At the ballot box this year, we — not out-of-touch politicians — decide what we do with our own bodies.”

The group is focusing its efforts on swing and battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Carolina, and is pressing its fans to register to vote, pledge to cast a ballot, and spread the word about “out-of-touch” candidates using Planned Parenthoods helpful — and not-at-all-biased — “candidate scorecard” to their friends and family. – READ MORE

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