Planned Parenthood Trying To Rebrand Itself As A Go To For Anything Except Abortions


Planned Parenthood, despite his $500 million-plus taxpayer funding, extensive political influence, and near religious activist ground troops is not doing so hot in the PR department.

Due to a mixture of science lending to the horror that abortion is, a populace increasingly fed up with government expenditure, a massive undercover sting that exposed the organization for the butcher shop it actually is, and a new generation not seeing eye to eye with the abortion zealots pushing the issue on them, Planned Parenthood is losing power.

Thus, Planned Parenthood brass has decided it’s time it tried to distance itself from what it primarily does, and focus on the things that don’t involve abortion, even if what they’re saying they also do is a lie.

In their latest ad, Planned Parenthood has a number of people from all walks of life talking about how they have so much more to do in their lives, and can’t be weighed down by something else. The viewer is meant to think they’re talking about a baby, but then the video Shyamalans you with a twist. They were talking about other things like flu shots, breast exams, etc. – READ MORE

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