Planned Parenthood Teams With Literal Satanists To Promote Abortion


Some matches are made in heaven, and some matches are made in hell. Planned Parenthood teaming with literal satanists in Missouri to promote the death cult of abortion represents the latter.

Though Missouri has long been at the forefront of rolling back abortion, knocking the institution down to just one clinic in recent years, a new article in Slate announced (quite proudly, mind you) that satanists in concert with abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood have helped to roll that back.

“Abortion access in Missouri is booming,” the article states. “On Monday, [Planned Parenthood] announced that its clinic in Kansas City is now offering medication abortion. Its Columbia outpost will soon offer surgical abortions, too, and two others will likely follow.”

For the first time ever, the faithful really can point the blame at Satan for this gross display of inhumanity and avoid the label “superstitious,” because it turns out that Satan literally did play a hand in this through the help of his loyal agents in The Satanic Temple.- READ MORE

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