Plan On Dems Milking A Possible Recession And Blaming Trump


Since there is a reasonable likelihood of a recession coming, the Dems will milk it for all its worth. The narrative will be that President Trump mismanaged the virus crisis, and that resulted in a recession.

Please do not forget what is being done to this country, from whipped up panic to Nancy Pelosi trying to insert abortion funding into a coronavirus bill, to outright lies about this President’s actions to fight this. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I believe even my dog knows these people ain’t right!

It seems to me the blame should be on the bureaucrats, who are mostly Democrats, that are charged to run the federal government, belong to unions supporting Democrats, and have their hands around the throats of the tax payers.

Blaming the President, who is only one person for the mismanagement of departments is a little misguided and misdirected anger. Let’s call it what it is, malfeasance of the bureaucrats and just one more reason to carve the federal bureaucracy down in size so they can do their jobs efficiently. Washington D.C. is a cesspool of ignorance and sloth.

The Trump administration needs to put in place a program to accelerate the return of plants and companies in China. I would propose a meeting with a group of business representatives and advocate them using their unrepatriated offshore profits together with funds they are using to purchase their stock to finance the move of production facilities in China back to the U.S. Every confirmed dollar so invested would be given a 35% tax credit on their future Federal Corp Tax. Give them 24 months to execute. If the companies find this unacceptable then let them propose an alternative. Companies probably have close to $1 trillion of funds from these sources. – READ MORE

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