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PHOTOS: The New Huracán Spyder Is Lamborghini’s Bid to Nab Drivers From Rivals


This week at a mansion in the Pacific Palisades, Lamborghini introduced the expected extension of its Huracán line, the $219,780 Lamborghini Huracán Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder.

The 580hp V10 soft-top comes one year after Lamborghini introduced the RWD Huracán coupe and is the first full-production model to emerge under the leadership of the new Lambo boss, Stefano Domenicali. It also embodies the balancing act the 53-year-old manufacturer must maintain between remaining true to its bullish track heritage and embracing the daily-driver, no-convenience-spared mentality most modern drivers—even supercar drivers—demand of their vehicles – READ MORE

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