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    PHOTOS: Racing technology trickles down to make McLaren’s 570S supercar even faster


    McLaren is encouraging 570S owners to go racing by introducing a new track pack that brings an array of go-fast goodies.

    The optional track pack was developed with input from McLaren’s successful racing arm. It includes a higher rear spoiler that makes the 570S faster around a track by adding nearly 65 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. The spoiler also gives the coupe a more aggressive look that’s complemented by a roof panel painted in a specific shade of black called dark palladium, and a sports exhaust with two tips neatly integrated into the rear diffuser. – READ MORE

    mclaren-570s-track-pack-1-970x647-c mclaren-570s-track-pack-2-970x647-c mclaren-570s-track-pack-4-970x647-c mclaren-570s-track-pack-3-970x647-c mclaren-570s-track-pack-5-970x647-c

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