PHOTOS: McLaren’s 570S Design Editions aim for a distinctive but classy look


It used to be enough to simply own a supercar. But many of today’s supercar buyers want to stand out even more, and they have the cash to indulge that desire. McLaren is happy to cater to them, too.

The British automaker is launching five new Design Editions of the 570S, its “entry-level” model. Each version features different combinations of paint colors, interior trim, and other items from McLaren’s vast catalog of personalization options, hand picked by the company’s own designers. If nothing else, this should help create cars that are appealing to look at, as well as distinctive. – READ MORE

shot_04_design_interior-1-970x647-c shot_01_design_f34-970x647-c shot_02_design_r34-970x647-c shot_03_design_rear_high-1-970x647-c shot_06_design_wheel-1-970x647-c

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