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Philippines: 76 Percent Approval Rating for Rogue President Duterte


Three months into his presidency, more than three out of four Filipinos report being satisfied with Rodrigo Duterte’s time in office, an indication that the President’s profane tirades and austere war on drugs have not deterred supporters, and perhaps curried him favor with some who were skeptical of Duterte as a candidate.

According to an independent poll the Social Weather Stations group conducted at the end of September, 76 percent of respondents gave Duterte a “very good” rating in his presidency so far. “Based on the survey first published by BusinessWorld, Duterte gained a +64 net satisfaction or ‘very good’ rating in the first quarter,” the Philippine Star notes.

Duterte’s approval rating was significantly better among men (71 percent) than women (58 percent), and did best in the region of Mindanao (85 percent approval), where he served as the mayor of Davao City for 22 years before winning the presidency. – READ MORE

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