Pharrell Williams Criticizes July 4, Calls For Reparations: ‘We Deserve That’


During an appearance on CNBC, musical talent Pharrell Williams criticized Independence Day for supposedly lacking in inclusivity and advocated for both reparations and for all employers to give employees June 19th, or Juneteenth, off as a paid holiday.

“As Americans we love, and we appreciate Independence Day, but when July 4, 1776, took place, the only ones that were free from the British monarchy were our white brothers,” Pharrell told host David Faber, on Monday.

“The white sisters could not vote the Native Americans where we get this land from,” he continued, “they were not free and certainly the African-Americans, women, and men, we didn’t have our freedom either. In fact, if everyone that is listening at home or watching at home just imagined a day or what it feels like to wake up in a world where you don’t own the land, the air, you don’t own anything everything comes from the express permission of your white brothers some of them.”

Williams said that Juneteenth, “for us,” “feel[s] like the day that we were freed, everyone was freed.”

“So why not make that a paid holiday? We deserve that, you know?” the “Happy” singer argued.

“There is a word that scares so many people, it is called reparations, and we deserve that, too,” he asserted. – READ MORE

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